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ODIKA Shopaholic Garment Rack with Shelving


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ODIKA Shopaholic Garment Rack with Shelving Overview:

  • Wardrobe Storage Solution: Spacious garment rack for hanging clothes. Plenty of space for your apparel keeping them organized and easily accessible.
  • Three-Tier Shelving: Provides convenient shelving for folded clothes, shoes, or accessories, optimizing the overall storage capacity.
  • Durable Build: Ensures the clothing rack remains stable, even when fully loaded, providing a reliable storage solution for your wardrobe.
  • Easy-Reach Hooks: Hooks for scarves, hats, bags, or other item. Keeps your accessories within easy reach.
  • MAXIMIZE CLOSET SPACE: The Shopaholic Garment Rack with shelves designed for efficient use of space. Ideal for small bedrooms, entryways or closets, maximizing the space to keep your clothing and accessories organized without taking up much floor space.

Color: Brown, Black

Dimensions: 15.8"D x 57.1"W x 59.4"H





Weight:33.3 lb