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ODIKA Oval Mod Marble 3 Piece Coffee Table


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ODIKA Oval Mod Marble 3 Piece Coffee Table Overview:

  • Customizable Design: Adapt and enjoy the coffee table based on your preferences and layout of your living space - from a cohesive coffee table to a coffee table set.
  • Sleek Aesthetic: With its smooth lines and minimalist aesthetic, the Oval Mod Marble 3 Piece Coffee Table Set exudes a sleek aesthetic. Designed to seamlessly blend into contemporary spaces, this set offers both style and functionality.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the coffee table features a sturdy construction using high-quality materials. The 3 piece design ensures plenty of surfaces for beverages, decor, and other items.
  • Organized Reading Space: The coffee table includes a discreet magazine holder offering a stylish and functional solution for storing reading materials.
  • Easy Assembly: Our detailed manual, complete with clear instructions and labeled parts, makes putting it together a breeze. Enjoy hassle-free setup and start enjoying your new end table in no time.

Color: White

Dimensions: 23.6"D x 42.5"W x 15.8"H





Material:Engineered Wood & Glass & Metal

Weight:0.0 lb